20 Frequently Asked Questions about Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress

  1. What is Jade Stone Heating Mattress?
    Jade stone heating mattress is a healthy mattress which can heat around 20 – 70 °C. This mattress is made of real jade and other stones. It can be used on a bed, spa bed, floor or sofa to heat a body for better blood circulation.
  2. How does the Jade Stone Heating Mattress differ to any Heating Equipment?
    Jade stone mattress is Far-Infrared that can heat about 8 – 14 microns and penetrate through skin around 5 – 6 cm. It can expand blood vessels and directly bring heat to muscles and cells. Body will gain 93% of all heat waves compared to the healing by palm of ancients. So it differs to any heat box that can go through skin only 0.5 – 1 cm and body can absorb only a fews.
  3. How does the Jade Stone Heating Mattress differ to Herbal Stream?
    Heat from the mattress can stimulate the blood circulation like acupuncture that brings heat to the deepest of body to expand blood vessels and stimulate body to excrete and fix the damaged cells. The excretion of each people will be different, depending on aspect and symptoms of diseases such as cholesterol, blood sugar, nicotine, alcohol in blood lactic acid and uric acid.
    Herbal Stream is the treatment that brings herb and heat through only external skin. It emphasizes only skin and breath treatment by those herbs, but must be aware of herb allergies.
  4. Which natural heat is the Jade Mattress similar to?
    The jade mattress is similar to hot spring or Onsen, but onsen heat is in wet hot that brings heat by water. Yet, the jade mattress will bring heat in Far-infrared that consists of 4 minerals: Jade, Tourmaline, Bamboo Carbon Fiber and Germanium which are dry heat. It is more comfortable to use in a house, clinic, spa and able to use 0.5 – 1 hour per day. It is like using onsen everyday to relive pain and diseases.
  5. Can we use the Jade Mattress everyday?
    For a good health, we recommend to use everyday because heat from the mattress is like an exercise. It is the heat from the deepest of body and the body will excrete like making the exercise.

    For those who have no underlying disease can use the mattress as followed:

    • Using in the morning: use the temperature as you wish but if you need more sweat, use the mattress in 50 – 70 °C without air-conditioner (able to use a fan) and cover with blanket about 30 minutes to 1 hour and rest for 10 – 30 minutes before taking a bath.
    • Using in the evening: use like in the morning but the temperature should be 40 – 50 °C if you wish to use all night because the overheat will cause too much sweat and hydropenia.
    • Able to use two times: Morning and Evening.
    • All night long is allowed to use but in 40 – 50 °C and clocks around 3 – 6 hours, the mattress will shut down automatically.

    For those who have underlying disease or 70 years old upper can use the mattress as followed:

    • The first week use 30 minutes in 40 – 45 °C
    • The second week use more time and temperature.
    • Do not use too hot temperature; it should be 45 – 60 °C for 30 – 60 minutes everyday.
    • Before using, you should drink warm water or room temperature water about 1 – 2 glasses and 1 – 2 glasses of water after use.
    • After finishing using the mattress, you should gently stand up from the mattress.
    • For the old, the family should look after since the first time until he/she can uses the mattress proficiently.
    • Before using, you must lay a towel on the mattress every times, do not lay down directly to the mattress.     

  6. Can those who have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease use the mattress?
    For those who have cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can use the mattress in the recommended temperature. The mattress cannot heal the disease but relieves the symptoms like an exercise. It will make the heat inside the body and excrete, improve blood circulation, decrease cholesterol, sugar, acid and toxic in body if you use the mattress often.
  7. Why do we need oxygen and how the jade mattress helps?
    We can mainly take oxygen by our breath to activate the blood circulation and bring to all cells, also the body can obtain oxygen through the skin. Normally, we can stimulate the body to take oxygen by aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, biking for 20 – 30 minutes. Doing exercise everyday can stimulate the blood circulation to bring oxygen to cells for better body function.
    Dr. Parris Kidd has stated that, “Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system; i.e. resistance to disease, bacteria and viruses”
    Dr. Steven Levine has stated that, “We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all diseases”.
    Dr. Harry Goldblatt quoted from the Journal of Experimental Medicine, “Lack of oxygen clearly plays a major role in causing cells to become cancerous.”
    Dr. Alec Borsenko said that “Oxygen gets rid of toxicity. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are destroyed in the presence of oxygen-especially cancer.”
    So we can conclude that oxygen is very important for life and health. But if you have a limitation for an exercise such as age, weight, diseases, time or even laziness, using the jade mattress for 30 minutes per day will increase oxygen and decrease cholesterol like the calorie burning from the sunshine in the morning.
  8. If I have cancer, can I use this Jade Mattress?
    The fact about cancer: Cancer is caused by a shortage of nutrients; enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It is essential to fight cancer and to prevent cancer cells from developing cancer is as followed:
    • Make cell get enough oxygen
    • Eat any foods that contains high enzymes and balance acid – base
    • Detoxify both body and mind
    • Treat by the heat from far-infrared
    • Strengthen the immunity
    So, this mattress will make all cells get more oxygen from the improvement of blood circulation and turn acid to base. This way of treatment cannot cure the disease but it can relieve and make the symptoms stable. And in some case, this treatment can prevent the cancer from heredity or family blood line.
  9. Jade Stone Heating Mattress and Excretion of Poison of Heavy Metals
    The human body consists of 54 different kinds of minerals, which are important for building bone, teeth, muscle, blood, internal organs, nerves and brain. Minerals are in the body in the form of ions and regulate the function of living cells as organisms. Too many toxic minerals can cause health problems. Although minerals are essential to the function of the body, if taking too much or too little may cause health problems as well. Examples of toxic minerals include arsenic, aluminum, lead, cadmium, mercury etc. Heavy metal detoxification from the body is not easy. For example, we can discharge toxins from the body when we sweat after a 30 km marathon. However, light and discrete exercises cannot provide this effect. It is difficult to eliminate the amount of minerals from the body. We need a method that has no side effects to the body. Ideally, discharging toxic minerals out of the body must be as fast as possible. The use of far infrared radiation heaters is most effective in discharging the cadmium. Although the heater will make the body sweat a lot, essential minerals are not lost in this way. Only toxic minerals are eliminated from the body.
    Recommend to use regularly for 3 months for those who need to work in a factory, chemical charcoal or work in a hazardous environment. While using, you must use until you sweat because the waste is expelled with sweat. During the day, you must drink plenty of water, 2-3 glasses of water before and after use. Observe from sweat or urine usually has a pungent odor. Or for a person in the diet or taking a lot of medicine, they should use as well. It is a chemical directly into the body through eating. Food and drug use are beneficial and punishable. If you eat well, but not good discharging, those substances will return to harm our body as well through various pains, swelling, wind in the stomach, stingy with acne, dandruff, frequent headache or a disease that is not found.
  10. How does the Jade mattress help the chronic pain?

    Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress can relieve the pains from membrane, muscle strain, Herniated Nucleus Pulposus and it can prevent a recurrence if repeatedly used since the pain is caused by muscle contraction from stress, heavy use of the body or the wrong use of daily life such as lifting the heavy things, using computer or mobile phone for long time, driving all the day or Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. Some of the symptoms are painful, some of which are difficult to move the body. If it is very severe, it is called anorexia until it requires surgery.  Our approach will focus on improving before the final condition. If it is very severe, and may require surgery, Jade mattress will help in the postoperative case, healing quickly and prevent recurrence. The principle is to help the blood vessels expand and flow better from the heat to the point of pain or tigger point. The waste or blood that is overflowed in order to detoxify and loose the muscles to soft. Lactic acid decreases, so the pain and swelling are reduced. Like hot compress It can be as deep as an ultrasound to the point of pain also it can be made at home. For better result, the mattress can be used with pain relief because the heat will open the pores, causing the drug. Creams can be absorbed better than 2-3 times only if the cream is hot, just a little since the heat of the drug will increase efficiency with a good bed. Reduce the drug half of the normal, the mattress will work better and push the drug well into the skin when used together.
    If the condition is caused by distortion of the bone, it is advisable to arrange the bone with using the mattress or arrange to join. Mattress will mainly help about muscles and the membrane.  The lack of nutrients in the diet should also be added together with the use of mattress. The use of mattress will help to drive the residue from the pill or supplementary food. For mental illness, the use of the bed will cause the body to relax, stress can be reduced. But it is not the treatment, such as insomnia from sleep addiction or high stress. Bed will help to sleep or sleep better. It will not solve the problem if it is severe. Recommend to treat the product. The result is better. Reduce the use of drugs. I rely on the least drug itself. It is a natural therapy that requires discipline and consistency. The results of treatment with good eating, it can be used together with the same treatment, the faster the results.

  11. How does the Jade mattress help the blood pressure?
    Far infrared with blood pressure
    Gender, age and other factors such as diet, daily activities, mood, exercise and sleep are all subject to changes in blood pressure. Different blood pressure in the morning and evening and may change depending on the season. High pressure patients usually exhibit high blood pressure in winter and low in the summer. Mood and stress causes temporary high blood pressure.
    High blood pressure patients need to control salt intake. And focus on constipation. The patient must also provide adequate sleep and proper exercise. The specialty for prevention and treatment of high blood pressure is to have a stable mind. Sufferers of high blood pressure, there may be physical symptoms such as headache, shoulder pain, nausea, vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain.
    Patients with low blood pressure or when the pressure is less than 100 mmHg and less than 60 mmHg will feel tired and dizziness is easy. It is believed that low blood pressure comes from bad health. The gentle heat generated by the infrared remote heating will gradually improve blood flow and oxygen to the tissues in the body. For this reason, patients with both high and low blood pressure will benefit from the use of the device to improve circulation, which will adjust the blood pressure level to normal and normal.
    Sleep condition is gradually sleep from 30 minutes a day in the first week, then gradually increase the time. The maximum is 2 hours per day, 1 hour each time. The temperature is at 40-55 degrees before and after sleeping 2 glasses if dizziness to rest. Then use the next day in the first phase if dizziness to stay, these symptoms may be only 1-3 times. Then the draft will be adaptable. Health will be better.
  12. How does the Jade mattress help to lower cholesterol and lose weight?
    Special Features of Far Far Infrared Heater can lead to heat penetration through the skin layer 5-6 cm, the heat is formed at the capillary level, fluid molecules vibrate. When the molecule is heated plus a better blood flow, and enlarged blood vessels, the body will automatically drive waste. And the body is also smart to pull only bad fats or cholesterol and expel by sweat or urine automatically. Because the heat has been comparable to exercise, to reduce the proportion, it is necessary to use every day at least 3 months, but the results may occur in the first week until feeling lighter.
  13. How long will it take to the result?
    Using Jade Stone mattress is a healing therapy and reduces the symptoms. Include inhibitory symptoms not to spread. Follow the natural course of the body. It should be used regularly but should not overdo. In the first 1-4 weeks after the first month, then the body will adjust to the conditions that you receive. Using the first 1-3 times, the pain can be reduced by 20-30%. The bony pattern is noticeably reduced within the first 1-3 months.
  14. Will this mattress make an electric shock?
    This Jade mattress has a sensor to cut the electric automatically. If a leak or short circuit occurs, like home automatic power cut. In case the customer spills water in large quantities, the mattress will stop working immediately. The bed will not be hot, but no shock. Customers can submit a claim at the company. If the motor is impacted, the power will automatically cut or unable to turn on. There will be no fire or shock since its factory has passed the ISO, CE, FDA and other standards. It is distributed throughout the world in both Asia and Europe. Ensure that there is no case of fire and leaked electricity for sure.
  15. How does Greenery Mattress differ to the others?
    • We have the standard of production through ISO, CE, FDA both in Thailand and abroad.
    • The product has a high security system and automatic power cut.
    • Using a real jade. Do not use plastic, resin, stone or artificial materials.
    • The mattress has a quality fiber top that gives extra energy. It is the bamboo fiber in the inner layer unlike the other brands. Fiber is an auto antibacterial and gives the negative ion (A negative) with good to health.
  16. What's the warranty on this mattress?

    For Product Warranty, customers can be assured of after-sales service. 2 years spare parts warranty if it is broken within 2 years. Change the motor for free. After 2 years if the motor is broken, buy a new motor only 2,000 Baht (if change). Bed sheets are 3 years warranty. If the jade is broken, the shop will change the jade for free. From the date the customer buys the product within 3 months, if the mattress has a problem, the shop will replace the new product immediately without any cost.
    We have the exact shop. The center offers the mattress test for customers. A repair and distribution center for more than 5 years has been delivered to customers in both the spa and clinic. Alternative Medicine Center Patient Care and Elder center both in Thailand and abroad and there is an expert for advice in case the patient wants to try before buying, and free consultation.
    Compared to others, we have the exact shop, but the other may have no a guarantee shop, risk of danger while using.  There is no center for repairing non-durable jade materials or plastic made from heat when it is harmful to health.

    ***Choose the best health, the best choice is Greenery We care and consult all lifetime of product ***

  17. Who cannot use this mattress?
    This mattress can be used since a child of 5 to the old. With no underlying disease, you are able to use both in the morning and evening or all night. For night use, the temperature should be 40 – 45 °C. But for who has underlying disease, use the mattress only 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday.
    *Except for those who have iron in the body or titanium or a defibrillator, it is not allowed to use more than 30 minutes / time / day and people with diabetes must use in warm temperature, not more than 50 °C and use not more than 2 hours / time / day and drink before and after use.
    ** If pets are sick, they can also use the mattress as well. After surgery, the wound will be dry quickly. Mattress does not smell absolutely.
  18. Can the pregnant use this mattress?่
    The pregnant is not recommended to use. It is advisable to use after birth because the heat will drive the waste and make the uterus recover faster like the ancient approach. Using the mattress with the salt pot pacifier will be very good. Then continue to use every 1-3 months, abdomen and proportion will collapse and dry very quickly. If used regularly, pain relief after block in postpartum cesarean section. The children will have more consciousness and it helps to develop better than children of the same age.
  19. How long can we use this mattress and why the price is higher than the other brands?
    Compared to other brands, it may seem like a high price, but by comparison, the lifetime of the product can be over five times than other heating devices. Our quality is equivalent to medical equipment, have the same durability. And it is a remote infrared ray. It is a special energy that heats and does not harm in the long use. It is warm, not make exhaustion or hot flashes like the others.



    Price (Baht)


    Electric blanket, Far Pad

    2 -3 years

    10,000-25,000 .-

    Motor broken, pad broken, not making regular heat and not durable

    Sauna Box (steam)

    2-3 years

    8,000 – 25,000.-

    Mold and termite,  and inconvenient preparation

    Dome – Infrared

    5-10 years


    High price and the other must help to turn on and off

    Charcoal Sauna Box (Dry)

    2-3 years

    8,000 – 25,000.-

    Termite, affect to health, dry heating and cause a blemish in some case

    Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress

    5-10 years

    25,000 – 39,999.-

    Durable, easy to use, use FAR infrared system for deep heating

How does Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress get the standard and award?
Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress is the first and the only one in Thailand who gets winning award in Thailand             
1.The first award is The Best Quality Product Award of the Year 2016 by Institute of Business and Economic Development of Thailand
2.The second award is The Golden Kinnara: The Role Model Award in The Best Product of The Year 2016 by Her Serene Highness Malineemongkol Yukol Amathayakul Our factory has got the standard ISO 13485 ISO 9001:2000, CE standard and US FDA. These are the accepted international standard. It is safe and harmless.
Our products have been used in leading clinical institutes, spas, senior care facilities. There are many alternative medicine hospitals in Thailand and abroad using our product. Imported medical equipment is correct. And the standard of production is safe to sell in Thailand. Ensure that if you are looking for health promotion equipment Greenery Jade Stone Heating Mattress is the perfect choice for your health and safety.

Additional Knowledge
ISO 9001 is the standard that outlines the requirements an organization must maintain in their quality system in design, development, production, installation and service.

ISO 13485   is the standard that outlines the requirements for medical devices that an organization must maintain in their quality system in design, development, production and selling. This regulation is used internationally such as Europe, Canada and Australia.

  Œ Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Also CE mark shows that the product can be sold and transport freely.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that oversees the manufacturing and distribution of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other consumer products and veterinary medicine


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